Payments & Returns

What payment method can I use for my purchases?

PAYPAL or Payment Upon Check- in when Receiving the goods, payable to the delivering company, applicable only in certain countries.

Why could my credit card be rejected?

The details we request from you must be the same as those on your credit card. A simple typing errorcan cause the operation to be rejected, so we ask you to complete the payment form carefully. Yourcredit limit may have been exceeded or the card might have expired.

Please contact your bank about any queries you may have about your payment credit card.

Can I receive an invoice showing my company name?

Yes. In the shopping basket, you can indicate whether the purchase is made for an individual or a company. In the event of the latter, you will be asked to provide your tax details.

Can I request Tax-Free?

No, it is not possible for the reason that tax-free is only applicable to the items purchased in physical stores and transported by the customer himself.

Return Terms

  • You can return any items of KIKO HOME International within 30 calendary days, by sending them to our Returns Centre at your expense, covering all transporation and delivery expenses.

Remember to present the receipt with the delivery back.

  • Returns through the Return Centre:

  • Fill in the receipt: check the box of the item that you want to return and indicate the number of item you wish to return in the “quantity” column.
  • Pack the products along with the receipt.
  • Send your return to our return centre, paying for any shipping costs yourself.
  • Deadline:

You will have a maximum of 30 days after receiving the order to make any returns.

  • Gifts:

Remember that you cannot return gifts, as they do not hold any commercial value.

  • Defective products:

Send an e-mail to